Spring Mountain
Ski Patrol

757 Spring Mount Road, Spring Mount, PA 19478 springmountainskipatrol@gmail.com


How to Join The Spring Mountain Ski Patrol

The Spring Mountain Ski Patrol welcomes anyone who wishes to become a member. If you like skiing or snowboarding, helping people, and camaraderie, then patrolling is for you! We have openings! We provide training! We accept transfers from other patrols!

Contact Annette Hladio, 610-449-4049, to join us.
Fill out the Volunteer Application Form to join us.

What Members Do

The primary duty of ski patrollers is maintaining the safety of skiers, riders and visitors to prevent injuries at Spring Mountain Ski Area by:

  • Providing first aid to injured skiers, riders and visitors
  • Transporting injured skiers, riders and visitors to the aid room
  • Assisting with the opening and closing of the trails and lifts daily.
  • Installing snow fences, safety barriers.
  • Installing fencing to control lift lines.
  • Enforcing the Spring Mountain rules of safety and conduct.


  • You must be an alpine skier, a telemark skier, or a snowboarder.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to patrol, or 15 to start training.
  • You must be able to ski or ride all trails at Spring Mountain Ski Area with confidence and ease (only required for alpine patrollers).


We will train you!

Contact Annette Hladio, Chief Recruiter, for more details.

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC): usually taught in the Fall on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays from September to December

CPR for the Professional Rescuer: We do not provide this training. You can contact the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross to find a class. Some Ski Patrollers are certified CPR instructors and offer classes especially geared for patrollers.

Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET): usually taught on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings during the ski season from December to March

OEC and CPR are the minimum training required to be a ski patroller. Patrollers who do not have OET training spend most of their time doing first aid in the aid room.

You do not have to train with us. The training is the same no matter where it is held. You can train in OEC anywhere an authorized National Ski Patrol OEC class is held. You can train in OET anywhere an authorized National Ski Patrol OET class is held that uses Cascade ® toboggans.


  • Patrol one day or evening shift per week
  • Patrol one weekend shift every other weekend
  • Attend one work session prior to the start of the season
  • Attend an annual On-the-Hill refresher where lift evacuation is taught
  • Attend an annual OEC refresher
  • Attend an annual OET refresher (only required for alpine patrollers)
  • Obtain an annual CPR recertification
  • Purchase your initial OEC kit
  • Purchase your own equipment and uniform
  • Pay annual dues

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