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About Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET)

Outdoor Emergency Tarnsportation (OET) is the standard used to transport patients from a ski trail to the aid room taught by the National Ski Patrol. All alpine, senior alpine, and certified ski patrollers at Spring Mountain must be certified in OET and refresh annually.

National Ski Patrol OET Program

OET at Spring Mountain

Class for New Candidates
An OET class is taught annually at Spring Mountain. Usually the class runs from the middle of December through the beginning of March. It usually meets Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings. We use the Cascade ® Toboggan and all the skills taught are centered on this device.

Photos From previous classes

Videos from previous classes

Patroller Refreshers
All ski patrollers at Spring Mountain who are already certified in OET must refresh their skills annually. Each patroller must demonstrate that they are still able to properly perform the required OET skills or work with an OET instructor to bring their skills back up to an acceptable level.

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